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New Stuff - Learning again

mariofix profile image Mario Hernandez ・1 min read

I’ve been working with computers for more than 30 years (my first computer was a 80286 =D), but something I never liked was cables and welding and all that stuff (I managed to graduate college without making a single RJ45 cable), so… in times of COVID-19 and Quarantines and being more insightful with one-self… I decided to escape my comfort zone and pick up on the microcontroller stufff… Should be interesting.

I have a very basic understanding on how they work (the electrical stuff was NEVER my strong suit), at least theoretically. So i think my best approach here is to go basic, and start with circuit boards and pins and all that…

I’m new here so, if by any chance someone is reading this, I’ll appreciate any input.

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