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Technology is bad for children

Marines Mèndez
I'm a passionate Mobile Developer
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How the use of technology affects your child. Technology today is very useful and it is becoming part of our daily lives, we all use technology, including children. They can use it to learn different things, for example, with a simple video on YouTube your child can learn to play instruments, mathematics, art, etc. Also they can use applications to learn; however, as everything in life, it has advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, children who have access to technology can be in danger. Due to the lack of adult monitoring, children can become addicted to technology, fall prey to pedophiles and become victims of fraud by cybercriminals.

Children can become addicted to technology when they have access to a smartphone because they start using different applications that can cause addiction, for example, video games. Addiction to video games develops a pathological, mental and physical state in which a child needs to win the game he is playing in order to achieve a sense of Well-being. This results in a terrible obsession for children with their gadgets, as losing is not an option.

Pedophiles are predators, and as such they are a big danger in technology. In 2019 the famous Tik Tok application, where people are able to upload videos, allowed access to minors. The application was reported because pedophiles commented on the children’s videos using obscene language.

Sharing information is a difficult task for adults because they can be victims of fraud when giving confidential information to third parties, such as phone numbers, credit card information, etc. So, if it is difficult for adults, for a child it is worse; they can be tricked into clicking on malicious banners and pop-up ads. These ads show things that children are interested in. They are then lured into a page where they share credit card data to obtain their whims.

In conclusión, children can benefit extensively through the use of technology, but it is necessary for an adult to monitor them. Otherway, as mentioned, they can easily become addicted to technology, be victims of pedophiles and also participate in fraud because of not knowing better.

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Manda Putra

My Question : Do you had any app recomendation that maybe block some contents on smartphone, so it is safe to use for childern?