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re: "mutating props is a huge no no" Thanks for this. We have a huge home made AngularJS application. One of the base component of that is a "FieldEdit...

I dont think this issue is related to the framework, but more on how you structure our components. The parent should "feed" data to the child, and the child should "tell" the parent when that data is modified through some sort of event or shared state.

Hi Marina,
Hoping you will have the time to give yet another answer...
Sorry for coming again on this topic but this is quite important for us.
Here a mini-mini codepen showing what I mean:
In this pen you can edit the name (Joe) or the age (23) in any of the "field" component in the other one is updated, so "modifying" the prop properties (not the prop reference itself) seems working perfectly in Vue.js
So we can can still use our basic building block "field" component of our big application.
(PS our "field" component does much more than the code of the pen, e.g. when the field to edit is numeric it automatically provides a calculator and other such features)

Hello Fred, the fact that it "works" doesn't mean that it is correct. You will run into issues eventually when the parent starts re-rendering. The correct way to handle input wrapper components is by using a value prop and $emit with an input event so you can v-model on the parent.

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