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re: Ok, please help me understand, why would anyone who's ever really worked with react ever even care about Vue?

Hey! So even though I frankly feel the wording of your question is a tad aggressive, here’s my personal opinion on the subject (since you’ve bothered to actually log in and actually post this I will assume you care at some extent to actually see what I have to say).

React is a great framework, with a huge amazing community behind it. I’ve used it on several projects myself, and have enjoyed using it and learning it - however it’s just not my flavour of ice-cream. As much as I love JavaScript, I don’t want EVERYTHING to become it. HTML does it’s job and it does it well, CSS (as polemic and debated as it is) does it’s job.

I would always recommend to everyone trying to learn frameworks for JS to either learn them all (if time permits, if job permits, if life permits), or at the very least to savour them to the possible extent of actually making a personal opinion that is not based on biased opinion.

Vue for me is a fun to use, accessible framework that actually makes me enjoy every project from A through Z to the fullest. The documentation is exquisitely good (shoutout the docs team!), and overall does not lack any features.

I love its clear syntax and organization, the CLI, and the smooth, accessible learning curve - yes, the learning curve. Not everyone out there is a senior FE dev with 10+ years of experience :)

Last and not least, the amazing community that has being created surrounding Vue, and all the fantastic people willing to help out, share and teach others without any form of retribution than the mere love of it. (Not that React doesn't have one!)

In the end, and to quote the wise words of a certain oracle. “I don’t expect you to do anything. I expect what I’ve always expected, for you to make up your own damn mind. Believe me or don’t.”


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