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Why is Laravel considered the Top PHP Framework?

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Myriad choices of programming frameworks are available for app development. The market is competitive, and these frameworks have their pros and cons. However, they make sure they have the best level of comfort in each ease. For the development of an app based on a single framework, it may take a few months to a few days. Moreover, the user practice differs as per the different frameworks used.

Think you wish to form visually eye-catching, comprehensive, and faultless web applications that hold up preferred features and functionalities without paying a good amount in designing.
Here, the Laravel works as hand lifts!

Laravel holds superb features to call you excellent pros.

In the year 2021, Laravel - Best PHP Framework has counteracted various changes. Its features and functionalities have made PHP one of the best frameworks for development.

Let's discuss what PHP is utilized for and outline every key benefit of the helpful framework.

Where can the PHP platform be used?

PHP is referred to as one of the best programming languages designed with integral web development capabilities. The advanced features simplify the programmers to boost the speed of their web applications considerably without using extra resources.
Since the scripting is somewhat flexible, it holds an excellent aptitude to merge with different miscellaneous programming languages. Take an example, web developers can use the C language to add PHP to extensions, which allows you to add up more functionality.

Moreover, PHP has several libraries and frameworks to cross over the boundaries of the abilities ahead. Some of the common examples are Laravel, Zend Framework, Symfony, Phalcon, and Yii.

Laravel is admired due to different reasons:

  • It is a great time to write down the unit tests. However, the endeavor worn-out doesn't move in useless, as testing of software offers product or service quality details for the customers. Luckily, the testing Laravel is previously included in the framework!
  • Making use of a Laravel framework, one can enjoy the benefits of the previously made actions to match up the high-demand tasks, cut down the difficulty of writing hundreds of lines of hours and code for performing the job.
  • Testing the top methodologies for developing and preserving web apps and making the right decisions related to how to correctly execute everything doesn't use much time in the way of Laravel. The prime reason is the pointing of certification in Laravel.
  • It is easy to uncover different courses, tutorials, and Laravel's code snippets. In a direct sense, Laravel is rather pleasing and welcoming.

Benefits associated with Laravel Development

Simple Unit Testing

It is one of the top reasons behind using the Laravel framework. It is a kind of testing where each component and module of the web application is properly tested to keep the website unchanged. Before the live session of a web application, it is essential to perform testing to find out unwanted bugs and follies. It directly affects the performance of an app. definitely; you will adore using Laravel, right?

Advanced performance

Is the app application development focused on the performance and high speed of the website? Yes. Laravel is the right platform that will work. It makes sure for quick and smooth website performance. Businesses find it helpful and effective for their business. However, due to high competition, we can't tolerate the performance. A small error from your side will drive your clients towards your competitors.

Meanwhile, there are some features and functionalities that can directly affect the performance of web applications. But the presence of tools like Memcached and Redis in Laravel assist developers in expediting the presentation. You can add the tools inside this framework and enjoy your web application's sound performance.

Good level of security possible

How can a person overlook the importance of cybersecurity at present? It's of the highest significance for developers to enlarge the safest web applications. The website gets the data from different sources, adding personal information from the website visitors as well. It is common to hear about various cyber-attacks taking place near us. Therefore, we need frameworks that give complete security of the web apps. Developers using Laravel for your web app development are more confident about the best level of protection. It shields the information from different kinds of external security breaches.

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Quick Promotion Possible

At present, it is essential to have a digital transformation. This is one of the prime reasons Laravel Development Company suggests you select the ideal framework for the web application. Furthermore, choosing Laravel increases the speeds of the development, and thus, you can live your project quickly in distinction to making use of other frameworks.

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bdelespierre profile image
Benjamin Delespierre • Edited

Laravel is great for RAD and there's a bunch of awesome plug-and-play tools to make your life easier.

But its architectural design sucks and will push you towards anti-patterns like God Objects, Functionnal Inheritance, Mixed Concerns, STUPID principles etc.

As a seasonned Laravel developper, I like to explore the numerous ways we can address those issues. Follow me to stay updated on the latest Architectural trends in PHP and Laravel!

jeremymoorecom profile image
Jeremy Moore

I always get a kick out of these Laravel is awesome posts. Every point ever listed Symfony does also as well as many things Laravel doesn't do. Agreeing with the other two comments listed so far as well. Use what feels right for you, but always keep your eyes open for what else is out there, don't just follow the crowd. Use the right tool(s) for the task.

gauravchandra profile image
Gaurav Chandra

Coming from codeigniter 3 to laravel, I see lot of new things which are confusing too. There are n number of ways to do the same thing and the docs are not helpful. So, it is taking me a long time to wrap my head around it. Can you point me to a good resource to learn it properly except laracasts or udemy?

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy

Hello bot account