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Top 7 Node JS IDEs for App Development in 2022

Node JS IDEs for App Development
To build a successful web application, it is necessary to control the codes the developers write. Most developers need correct and efficient code debugging and editing tools to optimize the tools with speed and accuracy. Therefore, IDEs help the developers with this problem.

Many IDEs are available in the market. Some support a specific programming language, whereas others support multiple languages. Node JS helps with fast, scalable, and lightweight apps. This article will discuss the top Node JS IDEs for app development in 2022.

What is IDE?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. IDE is software that allows programmers to merge basic tools required to write and test software. For code creation, developers use numerous tools, including text Editors, code libraries, compilers, and test platforms. An IDE brings all development tools together in a single framework or application. The toolset is designed to simplify software development and minimize coding mistakes.

There are three components of IDE. They are:

* Source code editor

This software can write codes by highlighting syntax with visual cues. It gives the feature of language-specific auto-correction and checks for problems as one type.

* Automation tool

Uses repeated operations like compiling computer source code to binary code and performing tests for making a local version of the product for usage by developers.

* Debugger

It displays the location of a bug in the original code and is used to test other applications.

What is Node JS

Node JS is a platform built on JavaScript runtime. It is useful in building fast and scalable network applications. Node JS is generally used for non-blocking, event-driven servers because of its single-threaded nature. Node JS is useful for developing applications that require a constant connection from the browser to the server.

It is often used for a chat; news feed and web push notifications. Node JS also offers a rich library of JavaScript modules, making web application development easy. Node JS is asynchronous, non-blocking, and event-driven. They never buffer any data. Various companies use Node Js.

Top Node JS IDEs for App Development

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is one of the most prioritized choices. The Visual Studio Code is small and a reliable source code editor which can be downloaded and used for free. It has built-in support for JavaScript development and Node JS.

Visual Studio Code can run compatibly across all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and many more. Microsoft has added a rich ecosystem of plugins and extensions to support other programming languages.

The basic features of Visual Studio Code are:

  • It has an inbuilt CLI that is a Command-Line Integration Interface.
  • Codes are available in simpler snippets.
  • Workspaces have many roots.
  • Visual Studio Code can be used with various JavaScript extensions and tools.
  • Visual Studio Code has the feature of GIT integration.

2. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a popular Node JS. Cloud 9 is a cloud-based IDE that allows JS developers to run the code in various languages, including Python, C++, Rube, and more. It is an online code editor and debugger and can be used to create Node.JS development services. Cloud 9 provides several important features like an image editor, key binding editor, previewing live images, and many more features that make it a formidable IDE. It is a free cloud-based IDE.

The features of Cloud 9 are:

  • Cloud 9 comes with an in-built editor.
  • It is a server-less development.
  • It is a full-featured editor.
  • Cloud 9 provides a connection to any Linux server.
  • One can edit code and share data together.

3. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA has been developed by JetBrains, which uses both Java and Kotlin. To construct an application using IntelliJ IDEA, one must install a Node JS plugin. It allows you to take advantage of various features like code assistance, completion of code, syntax highlighting, and more.

One can also run them, debug them and check for the results. The debugger in IntelliJ IDEA has a debugger that allows adding the breakpoints after which expressions are needed to be evaluated. Codes can be quickly corrected.

The features of IntelliJ IDEA are

  • It provides a boost to productivity by giving smart and finished codes.
  • It has framework-based support with an inline debugger.
  • Database tools can also be used for terminals.
  • Provides support for Node.JS Framework.

4. Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che is a cloud-based JavaScript IDE completely. It also serves as a developer workspace server. Eclipse Che is the best Node JS for bigger projects. One can use it as a completely browser-based ID. The workspace includes runtimes, a restful API server, and IDEs.

The software development kit allows the creation of assemblies and plugins. Features like refactoring and key binding make it an excellent choice for developers. For pre-installed debugger modules, it can be used as a tech stack and makes application development easy through simple NodeJS integration.

The features provided by Eclipse Che are:

  • It comes with GIT integration.
  • Code recommender tools are provided
  • Various language servers are present.
  • Eclipse Java Development tools are provided.
  • The feature of an integrated debugger is also there.

5. Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE runs completely on a cross-platform integrated development environment. Therefore applications are developed using multiple languages. Komodo has the necessary capabilities to make application development in Node JS efficient.

It smoothly mixes with other IDEs. Programmers can create powerful applications using different programming languages like Ruby, Node JS, and others. Komodo IDE can create unique configurations, track changes, run commands and apply changes across several selections.

Some of the best features of Komodo IDE are

  • It has a pre-installed browser in it.
  • Python and PHP Code profiling is available.
  • Syntax highlighting feature is there.
  • There are checkout language icons, and one can try out multiple selections.

6. Sublime texts

The sublime textText has a mix of complex and advanced features like split ending, quick project switching, and many more. Multiple choices are provided to handle the files quickly, providing the best performance. It also can change everything with JSON files. Sublime textText is a powerful online editor for codes that is quick and extendable. The user interface is typical and compatible use.

The features provided are:

  • Sublime textText is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.
  • Many excellent editing tools are available in major IDEs such as Visual Studio and Eclipse.
  • One can customize the editor according to their convenience.
  • Project switching, syntax highlighting, plugins, and more features are available.

7. Web matrix

Web matrix is one of its ideas of Microsoft. It is a cloud-based IDE. The tool is accessible to only developers of Windows. It supports web development and empowers developers to build robust web applications quickly and efficiently using Node JS. It is a free and lightweight IDE. This website development tool offers fast and efficient Node JS development for app experts.

The features of the web matrix are

  • It provides in-built Node JS templates.
  • Code completions are provided.
  • One can get cloud publishing.
  • It provides a simple coding and database.
  • It has code editors with an integrated interface.


These were the names of some Node JS IDEs for app development. To make projects much better, use the best IDEs. Try to hire Node JS developers who will provide Node JS development services to save time.

Each one of them has unique features of its own and is capable of bringing change in the development process of your app. With the combination of IDEs and Node JS, handling big data and projects from different web environments is simple.

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