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Discussion on: How to make your terminal suck less

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mareksamec • Edited

Thanks for this article, I wish I had something like this when I started :D When I first stumbled upon st I felt like "No way I am gonna use st! No config, no docs, howtos". But once I learned how to do patching I started slowly creating my own build. It's actually quite comfy to edit the config.h and then just build it again. The comments in the code are actually quite explanatory.

Of course there are ton of disadvantages too. When you want to update to new version, you might need to do diff or re-apply your patches again if there are major changes etc. I am not sure if st will stay as my daily driver but I am definitely giving it a try. We live in a time of super bloated electron and snap apps. st brings total opposite of this. One minimal app, that has only minimal features and you can extend it with patches and make your own version. It might look extreme, but over time you might come to prefer it.