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re: I was expecting a bit more about best practices to improve any javascript library performance.

Hey pulkit,

thanks for your replay. :)

Sorry to disappoint you. That was not my intention. I wanted to write about my field trial, why I think this happens quite often, what my takeaways are and that more people consider web performance as an important part of the development process besides testing.

When it comes to javascript library performance you probably need to check them in individual. Sure you shouldn't use the default import but there is much more. Byte size, benchmarks, use case, devices and so on. We could write a book about that. But if you would like to participate in a discussion we can start a collection on dev.to



Hey just wanted to express my views. No disappointed, the blog was very informative. Since you have been working in this domain, it would be great if you can write about making performant libraries.

That is certainly an exciting topic you are right. I write that on my post bucket list!

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