What Javascript tools should use for this use-case?

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Hi all!!

I'm pretty new to Javascript world and I'm kinda lost between all frameworks, tools, and options... so I'm asking for help here.

My use-case is simple, I need to generate some static JSONS based on data that I have locally in another JSONS. For example:

My Input is:

  • titles_es.json

  • desct_es.json

  • titles_en.json

  • desct_en.json

My output should be:

  • result1_es.json (mixing keys and values from all _es input JSON)

  • result2_en.json (mixing keys and values from all _en input JSON)

result1_es and result2_en JSON has the same structure (coming for a template) but they are filled with different input data.

I'm thinking of doing it by hand with custom scripts but, again, I'm not sure if it's the easy and best way to doy.

Thanks a lot!

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How do your json files look like? Do you need to merge only the root properties, or do you have nested objects that need merging? Depending on what you are trying to do, you can solve it with a five-line node script.

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