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Advent of code, day 8

Ok, this was engaging but also very, very challenging.
The only reason I managed to finish is that I made a good 'add' method checking for two important properties before adding.
In this way, I was notified of my broken logic over and over again until I could fix it.
Doing this exercise It was also evident that I need to add to adamsTowel at least the following: split a string on all characters and sorting of lists.

Split = {class method S.List (S that)=//hack to split for now
    \()(for c in that.replace(S"" with=S",").split(S",")\add(c))
Values = Data:{
  mut S.List vals = \[S"";S"";S"";S"";S"";S"";S"";S"";S"";S""]
  mut method Void add(I that S word)=(
    v = \vals.val(that) //here my life saver checks!!
    X[v==S"" || v==word msg=S"%v, %word";
      Match.None()(for w in this.vals() \add(w==word))
        msg=S"%this.vals(), %word"]
  mut method Void processR1(S word) = {
    (size) = word
    if size==2I return \add(1I, word=word)
    if size==3I return \add(7I, word=word)
    if size==4I return \add(4I, word=word)
    if size==7I return \add(8I, word=word)
    return void
  read method I op(S that, S minus) = (//this method is the key
    var res = that                   //to a shortish solution
    for c in Split(minus) ( res:=res.replace(c with=S"") )
  mut method Void processR2(S word) = {
    (size) = word
    if size!=6I return void
    if \op(word minus=one)==5I return \add(6I, word=word)
    if \op(word minus=four)==3I return \add(0I, word=word)
    return void
  mut method Void processR3(S word) = {
    (size) = word
    if size!=5I return void
    one = \vals.val(1I)
    six = \vals.val(6I)
    if \op(word minus=one)==3I return \add(3I, word=word)
    if \op(six minus=word)==1I return \add(5I, word=word)
    if \op(six minus=word)==2I && \vals.val(3I)!=word
                               return \add(2I, word=word)
    return void
  mut method Void processR4(S word) = {
    done=Match.Some()(for w in this.vals() \add(w==word))
    if done return void
    open = I.List()(for i in Range(10I), v in this.vals() if v==S"" \add(i))
    if open.size()==1I return \add(open.left(), word=word)
    return void
  mut method Void process(S.List words) = (
    for w in words ( \processR1(word=w) )
    for w in words ( \processR2(word=w) )
    for w in words ( \processR3(word=w) )
    for w in words ( \processR4(word=w) )
  read method I decode(S word) = {
    for res in Range(10I) e in \vals if e==word return res
    error X"%word %this.vals()"
  read method I decode4Digits(S.List words)=(
    var res = 0I
    for w in words ( res:=(res*10I)+\decode(word=w) )
Sort = {class method S (S that)=(//should I sort all and
  var res = S""                 //recompose the string
  all = Split(that)             //instead?
  for l in S.List[S"a";S"b";S"c";S"d";S"e";S"f";S"g"] (
    if l in all res++=l
Main8Part2 = (
  input = Fs.Real.#$of().read(\"input")
  var I tot=0I
  for line in input.split( (
    bar=line.split(S" | ")
    imm words=S.List()(for s in bar().split(S" ") \add(Sort(s)))
    imm wordsB=S.List()(for s in bar().split(S" ") \add(Sort(s)))
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