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Advent of code Day 20

Finally a day where I can feel satisfied with my code results.
I explain this code in the detail on my youtube channel, (

reuse []

Fs = Load:{reuse[]}

Point = Data.AddList:Data:{ I x, I y
  method Point +(Point that) =
  method Point max(Point that)=(
    (x0,y0) = this
    (x1,y1) = that
  method Point min(Point that) = 

Map = Data:{
  M =,val=Bool)
  mut M map=\()
  var Bool outer=Bool.false()
  var Point topLeft = Point(x=0I,y=0I)
  var Point bottomRight = Point(x=0I,y=0I)

  mut method Void put(Point key, Bool val) = (
  read method Bool val(Point key) =

  read method I nearBin(Point that) = 0I.acc()((
    var n = 512I
    for xi in Range(I"-1" to=2I), for yi in Range(I"-1" to=2I) (
      if this.val(key=Point(x=xi,y=yi)+that) \add(n)
  read method mut This step(Key that) = (
    mut This new = This()
    (x0,y0) = \topLeft
    (x1,y1) = \bottomRight
    for x in Range(x0-1I to=x1+2I), for y in Range(y0-1I to=y1+2I) (
      X[i.isInRange(0I to=512I)] // is my binary conversion correct?
    new.outer(if this.outer() that.right() else that.left())
Key = Collection.list(Bool)

  input = Fs.Real.#$of().read(\"input").split(
  imm key = Key()( for i in input().split() \add(i==S"#") )
  var map = Map()
  for line in input().split(, li in Range.unbounded() (
    for c in line.split(), ci in Range.unbounded() (
  for i in Range(2I) ( map:=map.step(key) )  //50I
  tot = 0I.acc()(for (val) in \addIf(val))
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