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I looooove board games! It's pretty much my only hobby at the moment aside from some video games. I prefer the puzzly and mechanically complex games, the ones that tax your brain and require thoughtful planning to perform well.

Vital Lacerda is a designer (and by far my favorite) of such games. The Gallerist, Kanban: Automotive Revolution, Vinhos and the upcoming On Mars are very brilliant designs of his. His games really twist your mind in a way that you didn't think was possible while playing a board game.

Other games I enjoy are Brass: Lancashire, Gaia Project, Concordia, Feudum, New Frontiers (heavily influenced by the aforementioned Puerto Rico). If you enjoy thinky strategy games, but without much confrontation, those are some very solid choices.


This is an amazing list - the only one I've even heard of is Concordia. Definitely saving this comment, thanks for the suggestions.

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