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Terraform Trello integration

amazing go

Hi everyone, today we are going to watch my first open-source terraform custom provider in collaboration with Runelab (an italian custom software and project agency).

but first what do this provider?

allow you to create a workspace,board and custom list when you create a normal project on terraform!

this automate the process of creating a trello workspace, board and lists when you create a normal project.

see an example:

#other resources creations like server and cloudfront

  required_providers {
    trello = {
      source = "marco-bertelli/trello"
      version = "0.2.3"

resource "trello_board" "my-board-name" {
    key = "your-key"
  token = "your-token"
  workspace_name = "terraform-trello"
  board_name = "test"
  cards = ["new","todo","custom"]
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you must put this code into

how you can see you need a trello api key and a trello token of the account in who you want to create the workspace and board (you can find key and token here link)

and later chose a name for workspace the board name and the lists names and is all!

  • terraform init
  • terraform apply and you will see all online

here the result:
final result

if you like this like and share to the community!

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