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Marc Krivitzky
Marc Krivitzky

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ReactJs - passing state as props using an onClick event (help please)

Hello everyone! I am very new to Developing, I have been learning Java Script, CSS, and HTML for about a year. The last three months I have pivoted to using ReactJs. Would love some help figuring out an issue I have been facing the last few days.

I am creating a simple battle type game. At the moment I am having trouble passing along state and props with an onClick event. (Also I am only comfortable using class components unfortunately so any help would be greatly appreciated on that format)

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Hello Marc,

Can you send some screenshot of code that help us to solve your query easily.

Instead of using class use a Hooks it help you to decrease the length of code and also you can switch a state to another state easily.

So please send some screenshot of code. So we can help you easily.

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Karam Jammal

Hello Marc, welcome to the DEV community, If you still need help, here is my discord account: Toras#2778, send me a message, and let's try to fix the issues.