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Hacktoberfest for beginners - Low hanging contribution opportunities

Marcelo Gonçalves on September 30, 2019

Hey, there! Do you know of any repo with easy, simple but valuable contributions that can be made by open source beginners? Let's make a list! Pl... [Read Full]
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I created this project a couple of months ago to help beginners with contributing to open source. Emojiscreen is a listing of TV shows, movies and musicals depicted via emojis. You can add a show/movie or add a new feature.

GitHub logo brittanyrw / emojiscreen

EmojiScreen is a listing of movies, TV shows and musicals depicted through emojis.

EmojiScreen 📺

A listing of movies, TV shows and musicals depicted through emojis.


Screenshot of Emojiscreen homepage

Contributing Guidelines 🎁

Below are some additional guidelines to follow when contributing to this project. Follow all of the instructions please. We will just close any pull requests that do not follow instructions.

Adding or Updating Features Contributions

  • Find an Issue that you would like to complete.
  • If someone is already assigned an Issue, please move on to another Issue. If the Issue has not been assigned, comment inside of the Issue stating that you would like to work on that item.
  • Wait for confirmation from the maintainers before working on the Issue.
  • After you receive confirmation, complete the Issue and submit a Pull Request.

If someone is assigned an Issue and doesn't complete it after a while, we will open the Issue to everyone else again.

If you would like to suggest a new…


Nice one! It really is captivating and instructional for git/Github newcomers! Thanks for the heads up!


The above link works, the one Marcelo added to his post has a space, emoji screen.


Cutter is a great project to start with, and even tagged some of the easiest issues with the #Hacktoberfest tag!

Cutter is a free, open-source and cross-platform Reverse Engineering framework written in Qt C++



Created the repo for easy PR for learning how to send PR and just introduce yourself. (no programming skills needed)

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