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re: I completed a personal game jam this week! I built a 3D maze/scavenger hunt game in Unity over the course of 4 days. :) It was a lot of work, but I...

Hi, Lara! Congrats for making the game! I love mazes and have a sleeping project of writing a procedurally generated maze game. Is this game you just made open source?


Hi Marcelo! Thanks! It isn't open-sourced right now, but I was thinking of making it so! I want to clean up the code just a little beforehand since it's a bit messy right now (what'll happen when you rush through a project!). I'll let you know when I do have it available though. :)

That's so cool that you're making a proc gen maze game! It's a topic I'd love to learn more about. There's a book I've wanted to buy for a while now called "Mazes for Programmers". I'm thinking it might actually be a good time to give it a go soon. Anyway, I would love to see your project too! All the best with it!

I have this book, and the algorithm I'm working on is actually based on an improvement made by Jamis Buck himself over one of the algos in the book! I have the PoC implementation made in Java generating a Tiled map file or printing the maze in ASCII to the terminal. Not something I can be proud of but it's on github.com/marcelocg/mazes

OK, that's really cool! Starting with ASCII and the terminal is often the first step to making something bigger and more exciting! I guess it's settled, then, I definitely need to get that book. :)

The game I've been making is just a static/kinetic maze at this point built in Unity. Now I'm wondering if I can add some proc gen features to it! Lots of possibilities to explore...

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