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Question about mind shift in developer teams

About a year ago I joined a new company and quickly started to realize, that there is room for improvement in the community -especially regarding knowledge exchange between the developers.

So I tried to initialize a Hackathon, which was quite okay but after that, there were no further interest in this topic.

I eventually founded "Guilds" with some other colleagues, where we either try to figure out actual problems we could solve to be more productive, or we just exchange experience and make presentations about interesting topics we'd like to share.

We have guilds like "Architecture", "Coding Standards", "Testing", "Backend Devs", "Frontend Devs", "DevOps".

While the start was really good and productive (finding topics we want to discuss and find pain points each developer has at the moment). It now shifted in a way, that there are alway the same 5 colleagues who are motivated to talk in this guilds and to work something out for the next sessions.

All the other attendees are more like the typical members in a group work. (They just listen and think it's very important what we are doing but never want to contribute to anything)

Note: We are currently 12 developer teams with approx. 40 developers in total.

So my question to you is, did you ever have a similar problems at a company?

Did you find a solution to improve the mindset of your colleagues?

Thanks in advance :)


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