How do you organize your personal projects

marceljurtz profile image Marcel Jurtz ・1 min read

What software do you guys use to manage your personal projects? Especially for requirements and feature documentation, but also things like time management and so on.


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I use Trello for organizing pretty much all of my side projects (whether that's for blogposts, or for code projects).

For blogposts, I tend to keep them organized in what Trello calls "lists". And I have lists To-Do, Outlined, Doing, Done, with each containing individual cards. Then it's just a matter of dragging the cards to their respective list based on their status (just like how you or your PM might do it if you've used something like Jira, Rally, etc).

For code projects I use a separate Trello board and have a card per task, and then group those tasks into a Trello list by feature. Or you could call it an epic (project management terms vary). So one list might be "User Profile", another might be "Billing", and another might be "Trading algorithm".

Lastly - for time management - I use another Trello board for my Daily schedule. I have a list per day, and have 14 lists in total (so, enough lists for 14 days / 2 weeks). For recurring things I already have planned out, I use a colorized label and add it to the recurring task (for example, a card on the 1st Monday list might have a green label, for writing a blog post). And those recurring tasks I always put a time block on it. For example: For example


Thank you! I've been using trello too for a while, maybe I should give it another try.


Small update from myself: I noticed that I didn't really give github project boards a shot yet, so I decided to try it out. Basically like trello, but with issues integration.