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How to upgrade your local Dapr runtime and CLI

EDIT: updated for the Dapr 1.11 release :)

I've recently upgraded my local Dapr runtime and the Dapr CLI due to the new 1.11 release being available. Since I'll be upgrading to new releases on a regular basis, and use both Mac and a Windows machines, I might as well help my future self and write this down since I forget these things after a week 😅.

Upgrading the self-hosted environment (which I call the runtime) is described in detail in the official docs, but here I'm writing a slimmed down version, useful if you're either running Windows with winget, or macOS with Homebrew.

  1. Uninstall the old Dapr runtime:

    dapr uninstall
  2. Install the new Dapr runtime:

    dapr init
  3. Upgrade the Dapr CLI:

    Using Windows and winget:

    winget upgrade Dapr.CLI

    Using macOS and brew:

    brew upgrade dapr-cli
  4. Verify that everything is upgraded:

    dapr -v

    The response should list the new versions:

    CLI version: 1.11.0
    Runtime version: 1.11.0


🚨 Bleeding edge 🚨

If you need the very latest, (bleeding) edge bits of Dapr, you can:

Enjoy the latest Dapr release!

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