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How to upgrade your local Dapr runtime and CLI

I've recently upgraded my local Dapr runtime and the Dapr CLI due to the new 1.10 release being available. Since I'll be upgrading to new releases on a regular basis, and use both Mac and a Windows machines, I might as well help my future self and write this down since I forget these things after a week πŸ˜….

Upgrading the self-hosted environment (which I call the runtime) is described in detail in the official docs, but here I'm writing a slimmed down version, useful if you're either running Windows with winget, or macOS with Homebrew.

  1. Uninstall the old Dapr runtime:

    dapr uninstall
  2. Install the new Dapr runtime:

    dapr init
  3. Upgrade the Dapr CLI:

    Using Windows and winget:

    winget upgrade Dapr.CLI

    Using macOS and brew:

    brew upgrade dapr-cli
  4. Verify that everything is upgraded:

    dapr -v

    The response should list the new versions:

    CLI version: 1.10.0
    Runtime version: 1.10.1


🚨 Bleeding edge 🚨

If you need the very latest, (bleeding) edge bits of Dapr, you can:

Enjoy the latest Dapr release!

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