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Discussion on: Recommend a CMS

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Javier Garcia

I've used Craft CMS in production and I think it's a pretty solid choice. It's PHP in the backend, but you'll mostly be coding in Twig/Javascript for adding additional views. Maybe, only maybe, if you really need a feature that Craft doesn't have and that the plugin store it features doesn't have either, you might consider writting your own plugin in PHP. I've never needed to though.

The best thing about Craft it's that it's very mature, it's already in v3.x, it has a huge plugin ecosystem for all kinds of stuff, and it's OSS – the team also responds very fast in case you have any issues.

Check it out at:

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Jenna King Author

I haven't heard of this one; took a look at their link and it look intriguing. I'll play around with it this weekend and see how it all works together. Thanks for this recommendation!