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5 Easy Projects For Beginners.

Best way to learn programming is by code. We can train our skills, where exploring a new one. So, here's some *Easy Projects For Beginners. *

Memory game.

Memory game

Difficulty : Easy
Best coded at : HTML + CSS + JavaScript, Python
Description :

Memory game is a simple game that make user remembering and click the same tiles.

Objectives :

  • Make a memory game.
  • Make the memory game customizable and expandable.

Small tips :

  • Store all of the answer in an array.



Difficulty : Easy-Medium
Best coded at : Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP
Description :

Miniblog is a site where user can share something, like text, image, or some snippets. Miniblog store their users' data on a file, or database.

Objectives :

  • Make a miniblog.
  • Expand the miniblog with adding additional features like comments, login, etc.

Small tips :
Markdown is a good method for storing many data types as a text.


Secure login form.

Secure login form

Difficulty : Easy-Medium
Best coded at : Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP
Description :

Login is one of the most common ways to authenticate user. User need to pass their personal data (username, email, password, etc) to the system, and the system will authenticate them.

Objectives :

  • Make a login system.
  • Survive these attack;
    • Bruteforce attack,
    • SQL Injection (if using SQL)
    • Session hijacking
    • Bypassing

Small tips :

  • For preventing bruteforce attack, use captcha.

Kanban board.

Kanban board

Difficulty : Easy-Medium
Best coded at : Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, HTML + CSS + JavaScript
Description :

A kanban (カンバン) is a task board with some cards. Kanban usually separated into some levels, like "task" or "to-do", "in-progress", and "done".

Objectives :

  • Make a kanban board.
  • Expand the kanban board by adding additional functions.

Small tips :

  • WebSocket is great to make your board synchronized with the server (if you use web-based interface).

Virtual assistant.

Virtual assistant

Difficulty : Medium
Best coded at : Python, C#
Description :

A virtual assistant is a tool that built to help people with their routine. Virtual assistant can do basic things that people can do.

Objective :

  • Make the virtual assistant.

Small tips :

  • Use a server.

If you done the project, please give the project link in the comment, so I can review it :)

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