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Manuka Maduranga
Manuka Maduranga

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Rating StackOverflow Answers.

Fellow Devs, how would you like the idea of rating StackOverflow answers via answerers Github activity? Please sound off your thoughts below. (Consider this as for a pure research project)

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Ben Halpern

I feel like Stack’s existing rating system is already pretty good, but as a pure research project it might be interesting to compare the quality of stack overflow answers and the upvotes they’ve gotten with other factors like that user’s other activity like you described.

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3 years late to the party here but the idea intrigued me!

Interesting idea, however I have zero github activity but have been top contributor to a couple of tags every month for over a year, how would you account for that in your rating system?

I suppose the question is what are you trying to achieve here? Are you trying to show how much they contribute to the community (and if I do not contribute on github how "bad" is that) or are you trying to demonstrate how knowledgeable someone is on a subject etc (in which case how does github activity influence that?).