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Manuel Jesús Flores Montaño
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Microsoft Learn Challenges: A Journey to AI Excellence through Gamification in the classroom! 🚀🧠

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Hello community! 🌟

Today I want to share with you an experience I have had with Microsoft Learn, especially with the challenges they offer as they allow me to approach learning in a specific subject and guided with content adapted to the latest technologies.

I would like to highlight the way of "guiding" to make the training content because the challenge consists of several modules and you must go through each of them, with durations of between 20 minutes and an hour in which you will approach with practices different ways to use Microsoft tools starting with an explanation of what to do, how to apply it to the business world, the workshop or practice itself and a summary and content test consisting of three or four theoretical questions.

In particular, I would like to highlight the challenges that are taking place around Artificial Intelligence. AI is rapidly transforming all aspects of our lives and its mastery is becoming a differentiating factor in many professional fields. It is essential to stay current and ahead of the curve in this exciting discipline, and Microsoft Learn makes this possible through its AI Challenges.

These challenges allow us to get into practical projects and real scenarios related to AI using, depending on each case, tools such as PowerApps or PowerAutomate. Not only do we learn theoretical concepts, but we also have the opportunity to apply them in authentic situations. The platform gives us access to cutting-edge tools and valuable resources, which adds significant value to our training and prepares us to face real-world challenges.

In addition, these activities or challenges can be taken to the classroom, i.e., we can dedicate a class session or activity in the association to do the challenges proposed to us and create possible solutions through improvised hackathons. If we add that you accumulate "experience" and you can move up levels on the platform for each training performed, we have the perfect combo to combine Microsoft and the classroom.

In conclusion, Microsoft Learn challenges not only allow us to learn about Artificial Intelligence, but also motivate us to constantly grow and improve our skills in a fun and challenging way.

Do you feel ready to take on the AI challenge? Join the Microsoft Learn challenges and start your exciting journey towards AI excellence - together we can conquer the future! 🌐🔍

Link to the Challenge:

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Rodrigo Isaias Calix

Wow! It is astounding to see how this year AI has exploded, and its adoption has entered more and more into production environments.