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Generating GitHub Personal Access Token (GPAT)


GitHub Personal Access Tokens (GPAT) are at times required instead of passwords when working with Git. It should be kept secret from others as they might get access to your repositories if they have the token. You might have encountered the need for GPAT when making a push to your GitHub repo or when creating CodeBuilds in AWS or needed for other reason.

This is simple and let's dive right in to generate our GPAT in less that a minute.

Login to your account and go to Settings


Scroll down and click on Developer Settings.


Click on Personal Access Token


Click on Generate new token


Type any name you prefer for the token


Select the expiry duration for the token

This defines how long the token will be valid


Select the scopes for the token

Scopes generally means, the permissions that the access token should have. Select them carefully, you might mistakenly delete all or loose access to your repositories.


Finally click on Generate token


Token Preview

Your access token also serves as password and you don't wanna loose it to anyone.


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