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Manthan Bhatt
Manthan Bhatt

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What things you do for starting new project?

I was curious about what a developer do when they start any new project that they are interest in building.

Are there any rituals that they follow for starting new project?

How they plane the initial development for the project?

Let's discuss it!

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Manthan Bhatt Author

As of myself I do the following things for starting the project.

  • Create a new task in
  • Then I create different pages for noting down all my research points that is required for the development for example - type of design, project structure, project feature lists etc.
  • Once I'm ready for the basic feature that are required in the development I create project and milestone in the GitHub for tracking the development process and keeping track of the project with deadline.
  • Now I create small tasks in the milestone which I need to do for phase one development.
  • Then I just develop, test and deploy the task as they get completed.
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Manthan Bhatt Author

Waiting for the response from people who bookmarked this post
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Tamas Rigoczki • Edited on

I wouldn't call them rituals, they are some necessary steps of creating and working on a project.

  1. Creating a project with a project management tool. My preference is Ora. At this point I only add the task "Architecture design" and "POC". All tasks are time tracked.

  2. Creating a mental model of the architecture. If the domain is a little more difficult, I use pen and paper, too. In this step some research will probably needed.

  3. Based on the architecture, I research and select dependencies.

  4. Based on the dependencies's documentation I assemble the POC. At this point a raw UI design is in place.

  5. Adding tasks to PM tool and start implementing features.

  6. If I implemented similar features in previous project, I copy and tailor the implementation. If not, I usually implement it with the mix of the documentation , related blog posts and SO.

  7. UI tweaking

  8. Tests. I know it should be part of the feature implementation.

Edit: typo in point 6.

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Manthan Bhatt Author

Quite an organized way for working on the project.

For this post I wanted to understand how people organized their project development from start to end so I might learning something new which I can adapt in personal project.

And your way was quite simple and straight forward 🙂

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Andrew Baisden

I would either set up the project in Jira or use an app like Notion.

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Manthan Bhatt Author

Jira is also good as it's also connected with bitbucket which provide the whole eco system for managing the whole project.

But Jira is quite overwhelming for me

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I arranged the project on Notion

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Manthan Bhatt Author • Edited on

Notion is one of my favourite too 😄

Simple and easy to use

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