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Data Engineering Zoomcamp

Week6 of the Data Engineering Zoomcamp featuring Irem Ertürk, Ankush Khanna, and Alexey Grigorev by #DataTalksClub.

Week 6 repo ➡️
🛠 Tools
🧵 Apache Kafka
🧵 Docker
🧵 Confluent cloud

🏹Week 6 (Stream Processing) Summary:

🎯 Introduction to Stream Processing
🎯 Introduction to Kafka and Confluent Cloud
🎯 Kafka Configuration
🎯 Stream processing using PySpark and Apache Kafka.
🎯 Faust - Python Stream Processing
🎯 ksqlDB and KSQL
🎯 Kafka Streams
🎯 Kafka Connect
🎯 Schemas (avro)

What a way to end the week.

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