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Welcome to my page!

My name is Manny. I am a student at the Ohio State University. I'm an electronic musician, a programmer, a bit of a gamer, and a basketball fan. (GO CAVS!) I enjoy playing Minecraft with my friends, eating out together with them, watching films/movies, traveling in Japan, and have a huge fascination with anything to do with electronic music equipment.

I decided to make a blog to discuss about a synthesizer project I'm currently working on. And I wanted to make a good habit of consistently updating my viewers. (...Even though I don't have any yet...) It's definitely not at the stage where I can demonstrate, but I aim to release it by the end of this year if not the end of mid November.

As I aforementioned, I am a musician. (Not a professional one by any means nor a great one.) I enjoy it as a hobby regardless of my skill level or talent. Eventually, the project will be used to make music tracks with it and will be shared though Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

I also intend to show every step I took to get the results that I did. I am using an audio programming book to guide me, and the material is lengthy and dense. But I'll try and summarize it's part. Hopefully, someone else can use it for their own ideas and make something even better than mine.

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