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My zsh config

My .zshrc file [zinit]

alt text

to use it make sure u have following dependencies

  • make sure your terminal support true colours and icons. use nerd fonts for terminal

  • install dependenices git, zsh, fzf, zoxide, thefuck

# Ubuntu or any debian based distro
sudo apt install zsh git fzf zoxide thefuck

# Arch based distro
yay -S zsh git fzf zoxide thefuck # replace yay with paru if u use paru

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# install my .zshrc
git clone
cd dotZshrc
mv ~/.zshrc ~/.zshrc.bak
mv .zshrc ~/

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The powerlevel-10k configuration will start automatically, if it doesn't type p10k configure to start it or reconfigure it.

Make sure to star the repo ⭐

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Stephen Smith

What are these programs we are installing?

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well here's list of the programs and their work (u can google them as well haha)
zsh: our shell we will be using
git: a version control system. we will be using it to clone the cloud repos
fzf: also called fuzzy finder gives us interactive menu of the items/args
zoxide: better cd
thefuck: corrects the commands if entered wrong :)