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Everything Starts with Hello World

Okay so I have used previously whenever I faced problems in coding & searched for it on Google. But when we are in crisis solving mode, only solution gets noticed, place where we found solution hardly visible to our eyes. It's not until my dear friend Nishnath Bhat who started writing and sending blog link to our group. That's when I realised this particular platform is something where I can write, just write about coding & other IT related stuffs for Dev.

So it's the beginning of something or just one post and never going to write anything here, but either way I had to write something here, just to prove that we can always do something unprepared and first time. Everytime there's unknown language to learn, we start with writing Hello World. Same ways as Dev we should start writing content. It's important to build up network and show world what's running in your mind.

September has been always year of starting new for me since 2019, the year I graduated and decided will be starting my on Web Dev agency. In 2022 September, I started with my YouTube channel. Since then posted over 200+ video content across multiple channels. So this year it's official that I'll be starting to create content on more social platforms.

So there we go, Hello World

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