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Free AWS + React ebook 👇

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💥 SST makes it easy to build serverless apps. Set breakpoints and test your functions locally.

This guide is meant for full-stack developers or developers that would like to build full stack serverless applications. By providing a step-by-step guide for both the frontend and the backend we hope that it addresses all the different aspects of building serverless applications. There are quite a few other tutorials on the web but we think it would be useful to have a single point of reference for the entire process. This guide is meant to serve as a resource for learning about how to build and deploy serverless applications, as opposed to laying out the best possible way of doing so.

So you might be a backend developer who would like to learn more about the frontend portion of building serverless apps or a frontend developer that would like to learn more about the backend; this guide should have you covered.

We are also catering this solely towards JavaScript developers for now. We might target other languages and environments in the future. But we think this is a good starting point because it can be really beneficial as a full-stack developer to use a single language (JavaScript) and environment (Node.js) to build your entire application.

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