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Why Google FLoC trial has been labelled by privacy advocates as a worse idea!!!

manishfoodtechs profile image manish srivastava ・1 min read

The Google FLoC trial has been labelled by privacy advocates as a worse idea than cookie tracking, and here’s how you can stop Google from doing so.

A news website ( link at end) reported as under:
-Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) wants to choreograph its user tracking based on 'behaviours'
-With FLoC, Google Chrome is taking more onus of tracking users into its own hands
-Alongside being deemed even more controlling, FLoC is being criticised for its potential to be massively invasive.

FLoC trials for 0.5 percent of all Chrome users are now active alongside standard cookie tracking as well.

To understand simply, FLoC claims that it will no longer allow websites across the internet from tracking you by inserting scripts that trace what you do on the internet. While that sounds great, things aren’t particularly all that simple. With FLoC, Google is essentially bringing more control of how user activity is tracked under its own umbrella, while not exactly benefitting users as much as it would want everyone to believe. Essentially, FLoC reads your browsing activity and history, checks in on all the sites that you have visited, and classify them into compartments, or ‘cohorts’

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