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These days I see on dev: Hacktober completed + Spam messages 😁. Anyone with article?

manish srivastava
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Hello friends,
I spend more time on than any other community or social media platform.

I am happy to see Hacktober is doing fine here but our lovely spammers are visiting and dropping by customer care number.😁👏👏👏

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Technically they're no spammers (they don't write "customer service number" following by a phone number which, if you call it, will incur a hefty charge on your phone bill).

But I agree this gets annoying pretty quick - sometimes just a title and no content at all, or one line - shouldn't impose some minimum requirements on an article?

I wonder what people posting these blurbs are meaning to achieve - are they so proud of their trivial accomplishment that they feel the urge to let the whole world know about it? I think just submitting your PRs to the Hacktober org is enough!

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leob • Edited

Hm well I checked again, and yeah I'm also still seeing a LOT of them when I scroll down, but before I removed that tag they dominated 99% of my feed, it was unbearable :-)

I can live with this, but hey Hacktober folks what's the deal with this exaggerated boasting of your mostly trivial accomplishments? ... ;-)

Oh, and either the "expert" filtering doesn't work then, apparently, or anyone and their brother or sister can just willy-nilly tag their post as "expert" (which then again means that "expert" filtering does not really work for real).

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manish srivastava Author

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LOL the only reason I saw these posts was because I had #hacktoberfest in my filter, I just removed that - problem solved!