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Ethical Hacking Series : Part 1: Common types of Hacking

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Hello friends, Enjoy this series.

Following are most common types of Hacking:

  1. By Virus / Torjan
  2. By Phishing ( replicate site to get login - in case of banks etc)
  3. DDos: Denial of service attack where a hacker sends lots of traffic to your website and crashing it.

4.Keylogger: hacking your keyboard key to know which key pressed.

5.Eavesdropping: watching your actions silently.(May be your govt 😁)

6.Fake Wifi: you get free access to wifi but actually it is to steal sensitive information from your device.

7.Watering hole: is a computer attack strategy in which an attacker guesses or observes which websites an organization often uses and infects one or more of them with malware.

8.Fake social phone calls or messages to get your identity or crucial information from you.

9.Cookie theft: hackers tries to theft cookies to get benifit of referal commissions.

10.Bait & Switch: you get an ad... Or image... You click... Virus in.

Special note to my regular readers:

  1. Remember cloud brother series where these two brothers created a cloud service like digital ocean / Google cloud. They missed security.

  2. Docker by default doesn't has rules for firewall. Is host security enough?

  3. Read on my profile an article why hackers love docker? See how I by special search engine was able to figure out which host has docker default export exposed on public network

  4. On my profile search an article possibility of Hacking realtime chat applications like whatsapp, line, telegram etc.

In the next part we will see how to hack.

Hacking should always be Ethical. Do it to safeguard common people from blackhat hackers.

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