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Most important Python concepts for beginners to intermediate

If you have 0-3 years of experience working in tech and you are going to apply for python developer role or if you are starting with python to build a project, then you must know some crucial concepts of the language.
Below you will find the most important and frequently asked topics in python interviews.
There are some amazing links to learn and master python at the end of this blog.

  1. Different data structures in python
    • List
    • Tuple
    • Sets
    • Dictionaries
  2. Valid types of keys in dictionary and their properties.
    • Iterating a dict
  3. Zip function
  4. Difference between arrays and list in python.
  5. String manipulation and slicing operation
  6. Regex
  7. List comprehension
  8. Lambda/anonymous functions
  9. Filter, map, reduce functions
  10. Generators
  11. Decorators
  12. Exception handling
  13. Files input and output using with
  14. Deep and shallow copy
  15. Memory management in python
  16. Modules in python
  17. Local vs global variables
  18. _init_
  19. *args, **kwargs
  20. Multithreading

Python’s official documentation is very precise and coherent, so going through that would be helpful to understand above concepts. But if you are someone who understands better visually than reading, then here are some useful links,

For absolute beginners into programming/python:
python for beginners

Important data structures in python:

  1. Data structures in python video 2. Documentation of DS

Comprehensions: Python Comprehensions
Generators in python: Python generators
Decorators: [Python decorators]
Multiprocessing in python: multiprocessing
File operations: Input/Output operations

The definitions of these concepts can be quite clear; however, you will need to understand them exceedingly to truly use them in your projects. The interviewers also ask tricky questions which can be answered only if you know the concepts thoroughly.

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Corey Schafer also does nice videos on Python:

Calmcode site is great too:

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Manisha Naidu

Yes his videos are very detailed and had helped me understand few concepts in the initial days of learning python.

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Leonardo Furtado

Awesome post πŸ’›

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Manisha Naidu

Thank you!