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Maniple Kwizera
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Task force 5.0 Week Two Recap

It was a very interesting week of good technical and soft skills experience.

Technical skills were about communication, we have gone through the polite and professional way to respond to an email and not ask close questions, I have been making a lot of mistakes but after the session l gained a lot.
With Hans, we sow a lot and we played a role where l was an employee but the boss tried to tell me the bad news it was a good experience of knowing deep about empathy.

It's been a new challenge for me through code wars kata, where we have to do them lonely it was a way of thinking very big to solve all the Codewars katas, this was really amazing but honestly, teamwork wins in a very short time. but l enjoyed them.

It works on my machine!
This is one the best to get the value of git and DevOps, through technical skills l enjoyed the course we took with the CTO of Awesomity Lab.

we saw the importance of git and even DevOps for myself, l didn't know well about DevOps but I even enjoyed it as it aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality for the git, it was amazing in going into all of the Git processes.

For myself, l was using GitHub but in our session, we have gone with GitLab it was challenging but later l enjoyed it through pipelines and even automating some jobs.

For the presentation, we got some challenging questions but after we overcome them and even more to add on what we had.

It was the best catchy week for all the sessions we had l learned a lot, thanks to #CoA and #Awesomity Lab.

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