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Manikant Kella
Manikant Kella

Posted on - There is an ability in every disability

Innovative Ideas Challenge


The Innovative Ideas category is an ideal choice where I want to leverage Deepgram STT to solve the problem for Hard of Hearing Community(Deaf). I had experience with Deepgram as part of this hackathon where I have submitted one project leveraging Deepgram STT. Due to time constraints, I couldn't be able to submit the solution as a project, but want to bring to notice that with DG STT, real world problems can be solved.

My Deepgram Use-Case

We all know we are in a Sound tech era and there is always a problem for deaf and people with some or other hearing problems (Hard of Hearing Community) where they face many challenges what the others are speaking it can be during phone call interactions, Zoom/Teams/Slack meetings, any YouTube video, any movie watching channel/video or even to listening to audio channels like Spotify etc.,.

With Deepgram STT, there comes the power where subtitles can be generated as generic way without integration with any apps like mentioned above.

An Windows App can be built using Python Tkinter GUI and Deepgram STT and via websocket programming, everything that is getting played/listened can be heard via Windows mic and generate the subtitles so that Hard of Hearing Community can enjoy keeping aside all their disabilities.

Dive into Details

  • In order to solve the problem for Hard of Hearing people, we can build an Windows (since its the OS majority of the users use) application which converts all sound apps with Subtitles under the bar which makes an effective solution for Hearing problem users.
  • It converts any application sound that is getting played or listened (Youtube, Netflix, Prime, Spotify, Zoom/Teams call, any Video, any Audio etc.,.) to on Windows OS into Subtitles of any language preference the user have.
  • Now using the app, without disturbing their other apps, it displays Subtitles (leveraging Deepgram STT) near taskbar of Windows for any sound getting listened to or played to.
  • It can also have the capability of displaying subtitles in any language the user prefers to.


  • With Deepgrams STT tech, there is an ability for every disability.
  • Impacting the Hard of Hearing community with a generic solution where they can leverage the app to full extent with DG STT.
  • Expand the same solution for Mac, Linux, Android users.

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jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy 🎖️

Unfortunately, subtitling content - especially movies - in a different language to the original usually requires a human. Otherwise, some meaning is going to be lost. I'm referring to cultural references, idioms, etc. Machine translation simply isn't going to cut it here

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Emmanuel Akanji

This is a nice project, well it's something i'm interested in, can I pick it up and work on it

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