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Tricks I learned to improve my communication

Maniflames on February 03, 2019

This was my final week as intern at UpReach and I had a blast! Working on the front-end, back-end and even a hardware component of the UpReach phot... [Read Full]
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Great article :)
I could relate to number 1 and 2, as it has helped me a lot of times.
Sometimes I augmented my notetaking with recording of the conversation so that I could go back to it if I have any doubt on what i wrote.


Very well said. I struggle with communication the most. I really appreciate your useful tricks. They make perfect sense. I'll make sure I practice them.


Keep track of the conversation

I swear I need to buy a notepad for this. Even a journal because I'm prone to forgetting the little details of anything. Especially when I'm nervous.

Thanks for this


Good post! I struggle with point 3 myself a lot. I'm trying to work on it as well, but it can be hard to explain things in a less techy way sometimes!


Yeah that is a tricky one 😅
We'll get the hang of it though ✨

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