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Discussion on: At what point do you feel part of a developer community?

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Because of my junior mindset during the first years college, I've had a short stage where I would judge other developers based on arbitrary things like 'favorite language'. That didn't really make me feel part of anything just 'not part of x'.

Right now I'm almost done with college. After working with several languages and doing different types of software development grounding the feeling of community on the usage of a specific set of technologies seems pointless.

I don't feel like part of a community until others within the community treat me like a member or at least as if I belong. Right now I regularly watch twitch streams by cyberbarbie and joined the discord group as well. I do feel part of that community and have never felt more at home anywhere else. Although she is learning python, within the community itself everybody learns their own thing: other languages, webdev, gamedev, etc. If you make friends and can learn from (and with) several people and just have a nice chat others I'm good.