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Job offer for #Java Developers in Lisbon, Hitachi Vantara

maniamankowska profile image Mania Mankowska ・1 min read

I am looking for Full-Stack Java Software Developers in Lisbon, who will be working on development and maintenance of our IoT Data Analytics Platform (

In this position (full-time, permanent one with additional benefits) you will interact with our architects, product management, usability, quality, documentation, and the open source community to enhance and advance all portions of the suite, mostly using Java, JS, HTML, CSS and various web services technologies like REST, JAX-WS, etc, while the platform itself is built with micro-services, containers and operates in multi-cloud enviro.

We are open to the remote way of working with visiting our office in Tagus Park from time to time.

Feel free to check more details here or contact me directly at

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