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How do you choose between "cutting-edge" and "bleeding-edge"?

Kalpesh Mange
Angular/Node Dev at Paintcollar. Collabs over Chai. Writer, of code and poems.
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At work, we're transforming our website into a very good webapp. Trying.
To qualify as a real install-able progressive webapp, Google Lighthouse requires us to score a 100% on their test.

The only thing we're missing out on is the caching technique. I'm old fashioned. I like sw-precache and sw-toolbox. They're old. They've been around for a while and lot of folks are using it. Google backed.

I'm also very enthusiastic and curious. I like workbox too. It's very new. Google is backing it too.

Now, I remember someone telling me (master Oogway style):

Be a cutting edge developer.
Not a bleeding edge developer.

Can people please shed some light over this? How should we go about it?

All/Any help appreciated. 🙌
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