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Matthias Andrasch
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Is htmx the way to go?

Heard the insightful podcast „Is htmx the way to Go?“ with htmx creator Carson Gross (@htmx_org) on the changelog podcast.

tl;dr: Job market for react is stronger (obviously), but #htmx can enable sweet spot of achieving updates in backend + frontend more quickly (maintainability).

For usage in php, as far as I know:

What else is out there? Have you already used htmx in real world projects? 🤗

Got some replies here:

Bonus infos:

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kolja profile image

I like the way of htmx, but I never tried it out.
Just one little thing, there is a (major) difference between Laravel Livewire and htmx; Livewire is (without NodeJS server) a SPA and htmx is rendered HTML.

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Turcu Laurentiu

You don't really need a library to use HTMX with Laravel. And it differs from Livewire in the sense that it removes the need for stateful components, a thing that Livewire introduces in Laravel!