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DDEV WP quickstart ๐Ÿš€

DDEV is a swiss army knife for developers. It enables isolated webserver containers for each project on your machine + the usage of many PHP frameworks, e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Typo3, etc. It also has a lot of built-in functionality such as WP-CLI and even NodeJS/npm/yarn.

Here is a quick demo of how to setup a fresh WordPress via WordPress command line arguments:

See official guide for more info.

DDEV stores the complete webserver config in a YAML file which can be shared via git with your fellow team colleagues.

# .ddev/config.yaml
name: my-wp-site
type: wordpress
docroot: ""
nfs_mount_enabled: false
mutagen_enabled: false

# WebServer settings
php_version: "8.0"
mariadb_version: "10.3"
webserver_type: nginx-fpm
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This also allows you to easily switch between PHP versions. See official config.yaml-docs for more information.

Your colleagues just need to run ddev start after pulling the git repo. And it get's even better: With ddev pull and the Hosting Provider Integration feature, you can pull the latest database and files from your production site. Check out my pull scripts for example.

It can run on cloud IDEs such as Gitpod as well:

Join DDEV discord to meet the community! ๐Ÿงก

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