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DDEV + Gitpod = awesome 🚀

The standardization of coding projects with Docker-tools like DDEV has one big advantage: These projects can be launched locally as well as in new cloud IDE providers like Gitpod. So if a new team member joins or designers just want to implement a small style change, they can work purely in their webbrowser. Here is a little example of launching KirbyCMS via DDEV and Gitpod.

The repository mandrasch/ddev-kirby-starterkit is launched via Gitpod:

The Gitpod-related code can be found in .gitpod.yml and in .gitpod/. This experiment uses a docker image by shaal (shaal/ddev-gitpod).

If you just want to experiment, there is a little online helper: ddev-gitpod-launcher

All general information regarding the Open Source tool DDEV can be found here: And there is even a browser extension for Gitpod:

Join the DDEV discord if you'd like to chat with the community.

Have fun!

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