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Chrome on Docker


Some days ago, I got a call from someone asking for a solution. Due to global pandemic they were unable to hand over a laptop to new employee. They wanted the new employee to access a certain websites but did not wish to share the passwords.

Their idea : provide access to already-logged-in browser to the new person, so they would have access to the sites, but do not need the passwords.

They had considered AWS workspaces - but it is costly. (Finally they got some "Free for a couple of months" deal, and used as their final solution)

I suggested "Chrome in Docker". The conversation ended, but it intrigued me and wanted to try it out myself.

I started with this but it did not work as-is for me. Partially because (I think) the original repo assumes linux host, and I am on macOS. So I had to make some changes.

Summary of my changes

  • I included the chrome.json in the repo. See details about this file in the Dockerfile comments.
  • I had to replace libpango with libpangox since the original repo is couple years old.
  • Removed talk-plugin cause I don't need it.
  • Created because the docker command becomes too long, and changing a param becomes PITA
  • Removed --device params because it does not apply to macOS (I think)
  • Finally, I needed XServer, which comes with linux but not macOS. Hence brew cask install xquartz

Bit of Troubleshooting

Where is the fun if things work in the first attempt ?
I kept getting Unable to Open XDisplay error.

To fix the error, I had to set the ip as per this

I created to simplify this. (Originally it was part of

You can see all my changes in my git repo which contains all my

The README has detailed instructions to try this on your mac.

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