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How to authenticate PWA on iPhone?

mandarbadve profile image Mandar Badve ・1 min read

Hi All,
Recently I have installed PWA of on Safari on my iPhone 7. The app shortcut has been added to home screen.

But when I open PWA and tries to Sign In using Twitter, it redirects me to Safari again and shows Twitter app authorization page.

After successfully authentication it was suppose to open the caller application i.e. PWA of But it redirects to website on same tab of Safari where Twitter authentication page was shown.

Am I missing something OR it is default behavior of Safari? If it's default behavior then we can say that implementation of PWA is in progress.

Does anyone facing same behavior?

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Ben Halpern

Yeah, it doesn't work, and there are other types of behavior which are frustratingly weird on iPhone. We've basically been sitting around waiting for some of those issues to be worked out.

It's possible we could fix this particular problem with iOS PWAs but it's just the tip of the iceberg as far as I see.

So long story short, it's currently not working as intended and we should make that clear. Sorry about the issue.

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Mandar Badve Author

Hey Ben, thanks for your response, I just wanted to confirm the behavior.

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Another reason to make a mobile app?

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Yaroslav Shmarov

Current behavior = When I download your PWA and log in with a social account, I get bounced back to the brower after logging in.
Expected behavior = after social login, auto redirrect back to PWA.

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Thanks for this information I want to access the information about this recently bought an iPhone and I want to know how to remove books from kindle on iPhone its anybody knows about this please suggest here.

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Rafael Nogueira

Dude, how do you manage to install de PWA at IOS? I visit the site a several times and i did't see any place to do that oO

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Mandar Badve Author

Open on safari, click on share and then choose Add to Home Screen

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Lucas Arantes

yeah, I'm seeing the same behavior here, but I just keep the PWA there as a shortcut to see some posts when I'm not in a computer for now. This website is great and has great content. =)

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