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How to rank your website #1 on Google

How to rank your website #1 in Google?
first, learn what is SEO?
Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.
Learn how to analyze traffic
and study the market.
use website like
to analyze your website traffic.
There are 4 levels to improve your website ranking in Google
first is website and content.
Technical Requirements for the Website
Website is available and notifications are set UptimeRobot
Website is indexed by Google (check with the command site: )
Website download speed is in the range between 1-3 sec (check with the Pingdom Tools)
Website is in the "green zone" of adaptivity in Google Page Speed Insights
Website is adaptive according to the Mobile-Friendly Test
Website is in the Google Search Console
No signs of sanctions and hacks in Google Search Console
The Search Traffic Report shows stable growth in Google Analytics
The Content
You have relevant content (from 500 words) on the main pages that are promoted
Unique content(check with Advego Plagiatus or Content Watch)
Content is regularly cached every few days (command cache:)
2nd level of website optimization is keywords:
Keywords Selection
use Keywords Planner from Google

Trends Analysis from Google
use internal optimization.
Internal Optimization
● Title
● Description
● Text on web-pages
● H1, ALT, internal links etc.
3rd level of SEO is links
Analyze your and your competitor using Ahref.
Instruments to check backlinks
Where Do We Take Links?
White-Hat links
● Content Marketing, Outreach and Influencer Marketing
Grey links
● Buy links from web-masters
● Buy links from backlink services or stocks
● Crowd Marketing
"Black hat” links
● Spam and Hacking
4th level of SEO

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