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Md Manawar Iqbal
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How to get an Internship if you are not from a good college

If you are in your final year or you are learning some new technologies like Web development ,Data Science , Machine Learning etc you will be looking for Internship. But getting internship is not so much easy .In this article I will share my story of despite not being from a good college how I got my first Internship.Like you, I also used to apply in many Internships but was not getting responses from companies . What I learn from my experience is many things matter to get an Internship in India. So first you should select a platform to apply for the Internship like Linkedin, Internshala. Personally, I like Internshala . First, you have to be good in any one field. You don’t have to be good in many fields but you should master a specialized field and try to apply to these companies which are looking for that person. Other things that matter are you should have a good resume where your project, GitHub profile link should mention. Also, try to write a brief summary about yourself and what you are expecting from the company . After applying don’t sit back and relax but try to message them on different platforms that you have applied for their companies. And if you get a response from the company and they gave some tasks try to do that accurately and be prepared for the interview, Try to learn about their company also. I wish you all the best. Follow me for more articles like this

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