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Data Science Best Learning Roadmap

Data Science Learning Roadmaps

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When we are start learning data science we some times get confused where to start so in this article thread Try to explain which roadmaps we should follow for learning data science. Just search every topics on internet and learn them you can follow me on github also where I try to upload the source code of projects you can follow me on github
Getting Started with Python
Python Basics
Loops in Python
Functions in Python
Strings in Python
Data Structure

Files and JSON
Getting started with Files
Minor Project:Inventory Management System with Files
Minor Project: Inventory Management System with JSON
OS with Python
Getting started with OS
Jupyter Notebook Setup
OS with Python
Mastering Numpy Arrays
Mastering Numpy Arrays
Data Analysis with Python
Getting started with Pandas
Data Preprocessing
Data Analysis
Minor Project: Black Friday Sales Data Analysis
Minor Project: Data Visualization on Heart Disease Dataset
Minor Project: GDP Analysis
Introduction to Tableau
Understanding Parameters
Basic Plots in Tableau
Fundamentals of Tableau
Designing the Plots
Project 1 - Superstore Sales Analysis Dashboard
Project 2 - Covid-19 World Dashbaord
Web Scraping
To Scrape
Minor Project: Wikipedia Scraper
Minor Project: Youtube Scrapper
Minor Project: Stock Images Infinite Scroll
Image Dataset Creation
Getting Started with AI
Introduction to AI
How Data Science Comes into Play
Machine Learning
Linear Regression
Multiple Linear Regression
Polynomial Linear Regression
Support Vector Machine
Decision Tree
Random Forest
Classification Algorithms
Clustering Algorithms
Feature Engineering
Image Processing
Pixels with Lists
Image and Gradient Formation
Image Manipulation
Instagram Filters Colour and Patterns
Edge, Contour and Colour Detection
Face Detection with HaarCascase
Webcam using OpenCV
Image Manipulation with Live Webcam
Realtime Face Image Processing
Deep Learning
Multi layer perceptron architecture
Convolutional neural network

Natural Language Processing
Getting started with Text
Regular Expression with Python
Getting started with Spacy and PDF
Text Encoding Decoding from Scratch

Major Projects
MNIST Handwritten Digit Recogniser
Titanic Survival | EDA
Stock Image Scrapper

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