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Creating Complete Management Software - #2

It's been a week since I started working on my own complete management software to be used in my company, which could be used by the employees, HR, business executives, CEO, CTO etc, differently.

My 1st week milestone

first week milestone

I focused on creating and finishing the authentication parts first, by creating all the possible and important API's and pages to apply it in frontend at first, as its the most needed and the most imporant part of every website.

Challenges I faced for creating it.

Finalising a DB structure and frontend designs is the toughest thing I faced. As, I want to create an organisational based software to keep everything only to a specific organization, and all the people to have the access of that organization and still restricting them according to their role.

DB Structure

Currently, for my authentication part, I created and followed the above DB structure. Having a common user table, with a seperate OTPMech table and PasswordMech Table, to save it differently. So, that it will be easy to delete OTP from the table, after verifying, and changing password for a specific user(user_id) when calling forget password API.

It's time to have a look over frontend.

This week I am trying to focus on creating the frontend sidebar, dashboard, general settings page with user-access, and a user customization page as a priority.

Let's wait for a week and check out my progress over here and linkedin.

Linkedin: Click Here

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